Three Steps to Improving Operational Efficiency in an Optician’s Practice


Improving operational efficiency is key for any business, but particularly the practice of a dentist, doctor or optician. Opticians in particular are always looking for ways to improve operational efficiency. Not only does this increase the flow of customers through the door, but it also improves the quality of care they receive and therefore retains clients.

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From investing in new software to optimising your staff training, we look at three ways to improve the efficiency of your optician practice.

Staff Training

One of the best things you can do for your practice is ensure that staff are fully trained in everything from first aid and IT to customer service. This applies to both opticians and reception staff. People skills are a key way to ensure appointments are kept within a certain time frame but without feeling rushed for the patient. Better people skills will also ensure a smoother booking and arrivals process. This staff training may also involve learning the best ways to help patients who attend their clinics from a Dementia Care Home Bridgwater way such as These individuals need to have their eyes checked the same as any other person but they will need special attention and care when doing so.

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Optician Management Software

Although there are plenty of general practice management software packages out there, specialised opticians software that will have the greatest difference in your practice. Opticians software will help with everything from managing appointment diaries to storing patient information. The right software will allow opticians to make notes easily and also make dispensing a simple matter. Look out for software that offers a high level of security and data protection.

Training is important with the introduction of new software. Ensure all staff are fully au fait with the new management software before you officially roll it out – any technical hitches may be seen negatively by customers.

Outsource Where Appropriate

Outsource certain tasks, such as cleaning, to a contractor. This means your staff won’t be left to do it on top of their normal roles, and corners won’t be cut. A dedicated cleaning company will do a more professional job and won’t risk losing a contract by doing it in half measures. This also means that cleaning can be done outside of office opening hours, thereby ensuring this doesn’t have a negative impact on day-to-day operations.

Behind every successful opticians practice there should be plans for improved operational efficiency. These should include the above steps, from investing in the right software to training staff and outsourcing labour where possible, in order to create the most efficient and profitable practice possible.

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