Things to consider when buying a property


How can you tell that it’s the right time to purchase a property? The following are some points worthy of consideration when you need to make this important decision:

Financial situation

This is likely to be the most significant factor when deciding if it’s the best time for you to buy a property. Buying your own home is probably the largest single transaction a person makes in their adult life, therefore it’s worthy of some serious consideration. Ask yourself if you have enough money saved for a deposit, ideally at least 20% of the asking price.

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You should also consider whether you can easily pay the monthly mortgage payment. Try to think of the future payments and not only the current state of your financial health. Do not forget to consider the additional costs associated with buying a property, such as reports, insurance and decoration, for example. You might also want to invest in a quality removal service. For Essex Removal companies, visit a site like

Financial Future

Thinking ahead is an important step in deciding whether to purchase the property. If you have recently changed jobs, are looking for another job or expect any changes to your income in the future, you should hold off until you are more confident about how the land lies. Most mortgages can only be obtained if you have been with the employer for more than a year, so this is another thing to consider. It’s a good idea to have a contingency plan. What would you do if you lost your job or experienced a prolonged period of sick leave? Before you take the leap, consider having a back-up fund available for unseen situations.

Credit rating

Everyone should check their credit score. The rating will affect how likely you are to be accepted for a mortgage and the interest rate offered. The lower the rating, the more interest you will pay, resulting in the need to pay back more in the long term. If you want to improve the score, spend some time trying to fix it and pay off some debt, check your reports for any errors, make all your payments on time and avoid applying for further credit.

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A big commitment

Get ready for more responsibility if you are a homeowner. If you have previously only rented, then who is responsible for all repairs and maintenance may come as a surprise. Some people want to have this work as part of a house, but for others, they prefer someone else to take responsibility. Knowing whether you are ready for this commitment is another decision to make before putting in an offer on the house.

Staying in one place

If you have the desire to travel the world or are not sure you are ready to settle in one area, then it probably isn’t the best time to buy property. Unless you intend to stay in your home for a while, you will not make money from that sale. With all of these costs, it is very difficult – if not impossible – to make money from your home unless you plan to stay in it for a while. Experts have suggested that the period between 3-5 years at least is required if you want to buy a house.


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