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We have all received that soulless email from a company, telling us Happy Birthday and offering 10% off for one day. Whilst emails like these, from robotic marketing tools, are a relatively cheap way of ‘personalising’ the reach of your brand, studies are showing that fewer customers are responding to such branding outreach, and many find them cold and lacking in the human touch.

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Here, we look at ways you can promote your brand by utilising modern technology, and cultivate a personal touch between your brand and your customers.

The human touch

Customers are more sophisticated and demanding than ever, and want to be treated as individuals, and not just another potential money spender on a long list of data. The value of human interaction is high, with research from pure360 revealing that many consumers are sick of so-called ‘basic personalisation’ – those birthday email offers, for example. What this leads to, the survey found, is customers feeling undervalued.

Out with the old

It’s time to get experimental with your branding, and with how you reach your customers. Of course, traditional methods like TV and radio advertising still have a value, but what of new technology and new gadgets that are making their way into people’s homes? For new ideas in branding Cheltenham has some fresh and dynamic companies springing up, who can help you harness some clever ideas.

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Don’t forget the social

It might seem like a cliché already, to suggest using social media to promote your brand. Everyone who is anyone has a Facebook page, right? Instagram, however, is also key. Once used mostly for photos of people doing yoga on a mountainside, or a snap of a tasty dinner, Instagram is now a practically free platform to promote your brand on, especially given the growing popularity of IGTV, and Instagram’s surging use among the tech-savvy younger generation.

If you are new to IGTV or Facebook Stories, you can get expert guidance at to help you on your way.

Bring your brand into the future, Sure, it’s worth hanging onto those birthday emails, but you could also be signing off a percentage of your brand marketing budget to explore and make the most of more personalised and technologically exciting branding strategies.


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