These sewing projects are great for children


Sewing can be fun and a fantastic way to keep little hands busy. Projects can be aimed at both boys and girls, and they will all love to have a go at making something they can use.

These sewing projects are great for children

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There is no end to the list of different things you can work on together and the benefits are huge . So, wave goodbye to the holiday or rainy day blues and say hello to happy kids who can feel really proud of their achievements.

Check out the two quick and easy projects below.


These require very few materials, so are the perfect ‘cheap and cheerful’ accessory.

All you will need are some scraps of dress making fabrics (, about 7cm x 27cm, a scrap of interfacing in a similar size, an elastic headband (try the pound shop), buttons, sequins or pearls, matching felt and a glue gun.

Cut out the fabric and iron interfacing on. Use zigzag stitch each end and fold the material lengthways inside out, before sewing down the long edges. Turn out fabric so it is the right side out and pleat by sewing folded fabric at inch long intervals. Next, cut out a piece of felt and glue the hairband between the pleated fabric and the felt. Finally, add the finishing touches, such as buttons or ribbons.

These sewing projects are great for children 2

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Scarf with pockets

If you have children who often lose their gloves, a scarf with pockets is a fantastic solution, and the perfect way to ensure hands stay toasty warm, even on the coldest of days.

Fleece is a good choice of fabric as not only does it not fray, it is super easy to sew and is exceptionally cosy. You can sew the pockets in one of two ways. Either fold over the ends of the scarf and sew the sides or cut out a separate square of fabric to place over the ends and sew on three sides. If you choose the first way, you will of course need to ensure your fabric is long enough.

Other ideas include heated rice pads, for those extra cold days, customised pillowcases, comfy pillowcase mats for lounging in the playroom or garden and hooded towels. Of course, there are many more tutorials to be found online, so take a look!

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