Thermostatic valves: The unsung hero


In Denmark in the 1970s, the Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) was invented. It was originally developed to regulate the temperature in flats that were supplied by a communal boiler for the complete block. These proved to be very successful and reliable, and they are now widely used in the UK.

Thermostatic valves

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The thermostatic valve is used in central heating systems that work with a boiler and use a pump to circulate hot water. The thermostatic valve is used on an individual radiator and controls the temperature of that room; it does not control the boiler. That remains the job of the main thermostat that is normally placed on the wall in the main living space.

Thermostatic valves are not usually placed in the room with the main thermostat as some rooms end up remaining cold.

They work by sensing the temperature in the room and reducing the water flow as the set temperature is reached. Once a temperature has been set, it does not need to be changed on cold days. Ensure that the thermostatic valve is not covered.

Recommended by the building regulations

It is not yet mandatory to have thermostatic valves fitted, but they are recommended in the current building regulations due to the potential energy savings and the ability to set each individual room temperature to a level that is appropriate to your lifestyle.

If the thermostat section of the valve is removed, the radiator will receive all the water that is pumped and heat the room continuously. When they fail, this can be in the closed, open or partially open state. This usually fail in a closed state after not being used during the summer.

Energy saving

Thermostatic valves can reduce your energy bills. You can leave rooms that don’t get used much on a frost-protection setting. Bedrooms are often set to a lower temperature than the main living areas, and bathrooms can be set at a comfortable level.

All heating specialists can fit thermostatic valves. For example, if you are looking to have them fitted or require boiler repair in Brighton, places like offer these services.

Thermostatic valves are now becoming the norm for all new properties. They are highly recommended if you are upgrading your heating or replacing radiators because they will save you energy and allow full control of your heating.

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