There are 5 essential work items to keep in your van


Anyone who wants to make their van the most effective working environment available on the move will need to add these five items to their wish list. Regardless of the time of year there are some items that every Boiler repair Gloucester engineer such as those from will carry in order to ensure that there work day goes without a hitch and as comfortable as possible.

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You never know when you might need to spend more time in your van than you would like, so keeping food and water onboard makes sense in every season of the year. This is not just about fighting hunger, but ensuring you are mentally prepared for driving.

First aid supplies

Compact first aid kits designed for use in vans and other vehicles are widely sold, so snap one up and familiarise yourself with its contents. This can not only help yourself should you have a small accident whilst at work but you never know when someone might need a plaster or bandage.

There was actually a rise in road deaths last year, even as accidents fell, so a first aid kit could make a big difference.

Backup clothing

Aside from being useful in colder weather, having a change of clothes to hand in your van can be crucial in other settings. For example, if dirt, grime and other stains spoil your getup, you can slip into clean duds when you arrive at your destination.

Writing material

Relying on your mobile or tablet computer to take notes is all well and good, but with a pen and a notepad in your van you can make doubly sure that relevant information is always at your fingertips even in the event of a battery failure.


And for when the summer weather disappears and winter sets in …

Snow emergency kit

If the white stuff piles up unexpectedly and leaves you trapped on a motorway or country lane without easy access to assistance, being able to help yourself out with a cold weather survival kit will be a welcome relief.

You will need clothing and blankets to keep warm if you simply cannot get your van on the move again. If you need to achieve traction in slippery conditions, an old piece of carpet or a welcome mat placed under each wheel will overcome the worst of the winter. Also, add a scraper to the glove box so that snow and ice can be removed if they have formed while you are stuck. A pot of Vaseline, applied to the rubber seals which rim each door, will keep them from freezing, while WD-40 will do the same for locks.


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