The soft and fluffy world of cotton


Cotton is all around us. In the clothes such as the Farah Shirts that you can find at that we wear the household items and that we use each day and even in medical items. But did you know that it is such an incredible plant?

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Here are some facts about cotton that you might not have been aware of.


  • It is thought that cotton dates back to 450BC where seeds were found in Peru


  • The cotton gin is not an alcoholic drink. It is in fact the names of the machine that removes the cotton fibres from the cotton seeds.


  • Cotton is a wasteless product. All parts of the plant are used in one way or another. The fibre is used to turn into the cotton product that we know. The seeds are saved and either replanted or used in animal feed and the plant stalks and mulched up and put back into the soil as a way of replenishing the nutrients ready for the next plants to grow.

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  • Cotton is not a naturally white colour despite the cotton fibres on the plant being this colour. Cotton produced is actually a tan colour. In order to make it white the cotton is purified by removing the oils and waxes that are naturally present in the fibres.
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