The Secrets of Unforgettable Corporate Hospitality


Hospitality is key to maintaining and forging relationships with clients. When planning your corporate event, making the best lasting impression is of paramount importance. Here are some tips for making your event unforgettable and synonymous with high quality and professionalism.

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Corporate catering offers companies the chance to sell their brand to potential and existing clients and to make clients feel valued. It’s an opportunity to explore the future of your business relationships. It is an excellent investment for companies to make. The aim of corporate hospitality is to build relationships and as part of your marketing strategy is something worth doing.

Making the Experience Personal

One way to have an enormous impact when organising corporate hospitality is to make it personal to the invitees. The experience, the timing and the audience are crucial in holding a successful event. When planning, it is extremely important that you research your clients and tailor the event to suit them. What do they enjoy and what might they expect of you? Rather than spending money on a broad approach, you can make a greater impact this way. Spend time choosing your venue, such as Ermanno Palace, confident that it will appeal to the guest list and make a favourable impression.

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Your clients may be invited to many corporate events, so yours needs to appeal directly to them. If you know they have an interest in racing, choosing a venue such as shows that you have tailored your choice to fit your clients. This will also help open up communication through shared interests and will make the experience memorable for all.

Using a Hospitality Provider for Your Event

For many companies, using a hospitality provider ensures that you have a service level in place and access to some of the most appealing venues such as Ermanno Palace for your event. They can organise everything from ticketing for an event to seating location and the catering. For companies looking to provide corporate hospitality at a sporting event, this is the most efficient route.

There are other advantages to using a hospitality provider in a corporate venue. Through sponsorship, your brand exposure will increase, and your name will be synonymous with corporate responsibility – a bonus for any marketing department and a judicious use of budget.

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