The reception and beyond: essential wedding ideas for 2016


As with every other industry these days, the world of weddings and events is always striving to keep up-to-date with modern techniques and styles. From bridal gowns to floral arrangements and even vows, every part of the big day is constantly being updated and there is always a new trend you can try. The reception is no different. If you are currently in the throes of planning your reception, read on to find out about the hottest trends of 2016.

The reception and beyond

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Selfie sticks

These days, it’s all about the selfie, and all of your friends and family who will be attending your wedding are sure to want to take their fair share of selfies during the celebrations. This is where the ingenious selfie stick comes in. Invite your loved ones to bring theirs along, and you can expect a wedding reception with plenty of amazing photographs guaranteed to immortalise those magical memories.

Power bars and charge stations

To ensure your guests’ mobile phones remain charged so they can keep taking beautiful pictures and capturing the many fantastic moments of your wedding day on social media, why not provide some charge stations and power bars? Your guests are sure to appreciate it.


Another trend taking over wedding receptions across the nation is crowdsourcing. A practice usually used by start-up companies, it can also be very useful for weddings because it means you can crowdsource wedding photos and videos using the likes of WhatsApp and Instagram.

Aerial photography and videography

A bird’s eye view of your wedding day is a great way to remember everything. Book a wedding drone with your licensed photographer or videographer and expect dramatic photos guaranteed to take your breath away.

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The venue

There are many places you can hold your reception. It all depends on your theme, budget and personal taste. If you have decided on a marquee and you are looking for companies that offer marquee hire in Kent, check out and you are sure to find a marquee to suit your requirements.

Now that you have plenty of inspiration for your wedding reception, it’s time to finalise your planning and look forward to one of the most magical days of your life!

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