The reasons for using reclaimed bricks


If you’re in the process of building an extension, new build or renovation then you may be looking for ways to cut costs and increase character, whilst remaining environmentally friendly. If this is the case, then you might want to consider visiting a reclamation yard to get your hands on some reclaimed bricks. There are many benefits to using reclaimed materials and here are some of them:

Cutting Costs

During a construction project, the budget can often be thrown out of the window with the costs getting out of control, but there is one way that you can reduce the cost of materials and this is by visiting a reclamation yard. At a reclamation yard, you’ll find a wide selection of construction materials that can be used throughout a project to reduce expenses and to help you keep the budget on track. Reclaimed bricks will often come from demolition sites. Contact a Demolition Bristol company at a site like

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Provides Character

Property owners up and down the country are looking for ways to add character and passion to their property, and whether it’s planning a new build, extension or even remodelling, reclaimed bricks have a lot of character. Reclamation of brick, wood or slate tile is a quick and effective way to add the character to a new project.

Environmentally Friendly

New materials have to be manufactured and the process involves emitting a significant amount of carbon emissions. According to government figures, 44% of the UK’s annual carbon emissions come from building and construction work. Using reclaimed materials helps to combat this, giving you the perfect opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and obtain status as an environmentally friendly build.

Reclaimed bricks have an air of prestige associated with them. They are less widely available, more expensive and offer a different appearance because they have developed certain characteristics as a result of aging or weathering. It can be a good way of sourcing unusual sizes or styles of bricks that are no longer available. They are also seen as an environmentally friendly choice as you maximize the use of the product.

However, the use of reclaimed bricks does carry an element of uncertainty. The bricks tend to come in relatively small batches so that the consistency of supply may be a concern, but it’s also difficult to determine the technical performance of the bricks as they could have been made hundreds of years earlier and not been in a building for a long time.

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Reclaimed bricks should be tested to confirm they are fit for use. If the brick is showing signs of damage such as cracking, then they may not be safe to use for structural purposes.

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