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There are many sites in the UK that were used for the filming of the Harry Potter series. You can even visit the studios where they were filmed or you can have a look at some of the outside locations that they used. One of these was the National Trusts Lacock Abbey but the most striking and accessible has to be that of the Cloisters in Gloucester Cathedral. Gloucester has the feel of a place embedded in the Potter mythos. JK Rowling spent much of her childhood in the village of Tutshill nearby so the Cathedral was well known to her.

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The Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral are some of the best preserved in the Country. Their hard flagstone floors, some of which serve as gravestones, support gothic ornate arched walkways around a square arcade. There is a peacefulness that is quite remarkable. Within the arcade there is a formal garden with a small fountain. You can truly feel the presence of Professor Snape on your back as you walk them.

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