The importance of having an environmentally-friendly grease trap


An environmentally-friendly grease trap can benefit your restaurant in so many ways, so here we look at some off the main benefits:

The importance of having an environmentally-friendly grease trap

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It will reduce repair costs

A grease trap will protect your plumbing from becoming damaged by or clogged up with grease, fat and oil. Without a grease trap, the drains will have to deal with all the grease, which will frequently cause blockages. It may even damage the pipes over time.

A grease trap can be used in homes and restaurants to save money, but it is especially important in restaurants. This is because the cost of repairing the plumbing in a restaurant will be much more expensive then in a home and a blockage could result in the temporary closure of your restaurant.

It will be more convenient

A grease trap will efficiently remove grease from your kitchen if you keep it clean and properly maintained, which will make it much easier to wash up and keep your restaurant clean during busy periods. After all, a blocked drain can completely shut down a restaurant – how can you keep cooking and serving food when you can’t wash any of the utensils?

Some restaurant owners worry about how much time they will need to spend maintaining their grease trap; in reality, this is much shorter than the time it would take them to repair damaged or clogged drains.

If you are worried about forgetting to clean the grease trap, make a checklist. According to, one of the best ways to ensure that every area of your restaurant is clean is to create monthly side work checklists. In this way, you can ensure the grease trap is always clean.

The importance of having an environmentally-friendly grease trap2

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You will be meeting regulation standards

Your restaurant will meet health and safety regulation standards if you have a grease trap. If you do not have an environmentally-friendly grease trap, your restaurant may be fined or even shut down by the local authorities.

If you want to buy environmentally-friendly grease traps for commercial kitchens, check out suppliers such as

It keeps your customers and employees safe

A clean restaurant is a safe and healthy restaurant; therefore, your employees and customers will be less likely to become ill while they are working in or eating in the restaurant.

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