The importance of a good quality office desk


For those seeking a comfortable and productive work environment, a good quality desk should never be underestimated. Office workers spend a large proportion of their working life sitting at an office desk, typing on a computer. Good furniture should not be overlooked. The right office furniture can improve productivity and help to prevent back problems as well as other health issues. Here are some of the advantages of investing in high quality desks:

Prevent workplace injury

Increasing numbers of workers take time off every year due to back, neck or shoulder problems coming from muscles or joints. This is often as a result of a poorly configured working area. The longer a person spends in such an environment, the higher the chances of developing such an injury.

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To avoid such injury, it is important to use adjustable seating and desks that are specifically designed to be used with computers. Keyboards should be positioned correctly, where the elbows rest at the side of the body. Chairs should be positioned so a person’s feet can rest flat on the floor, or a foot rest must be used. It’s also essential to take regular breaks and stand up and move around every so often.

Increased productivity

Comfortable staff are happier and contented staff are more productive. If someone is constantly uncomfortable at their work station, they will probably find endless excuses to be away from their desk whenever they can. Also, if it’s difficult to move around a workspace, that employee will not be as efficient in their processes. To achieve an optimal work environment, it’s vital that good quality, comfortable office furniture is installed and that workstations are configured well.

When looking to replace existing desks, it’s important to choose something that is sturdy and large enough for its intended purpose. Drawers should be considered as this will help staff to stay more organised. For Office Furniture Gloucester, visit a site like

The best designed offices are the ones that combine well thought out functionality with contemporary style. Desks are a reflection of a business, the kind of work that is being carried out and the status and position of where an employee stands within that company. In short, the office is a reflection of the company’s values.

Many factors can impact office design. New furniture may be needed to cope with over time, additional staff or any other change in the business environment. Perhaps a furniture upgrade is required due to a promotion and as such, a new desk must now reflect a change to an individual’s role and responsibility.

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Things to consider when choosing a new desk

  • Use – Will there be a lot of computer use, large amounts of paperwork, meetings or all of these activities?
  • Ergonomics – Is there enough leg room, space around the desk and ample room for a computer and keyboard?
  • Space – Are there possible limitations in terms of dimensions?
  • Surface Area – Will the desk be adequate enough to support the levels of workflow?
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