The health benefits of weight loss


If you are considering losing some weight, before setting a goal, it is vital to appreciate the health advantages of losing weight. Comprehending the benefits of weight loss can help to keep you motivated at times of challenge.

So, to set yourself up for success, consider all the different ways that weight loss can improve your social life, your medical and psychological health. Make a list of the benefits that are most meaningful in your life and keep it in a journal of your weight loss. Then visit the list in the days when you feel like quitting.

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You do not have to lose hundreds of pounds to enjoy the health benefits of weight loss. If you are currently overweight or obese, you might be able to lose only a small amount of weight to improve your overall health. In fact, some studies show that only a 5 to 10 percent decrease in body weight you can change your health for the better.

Health Benefits of Losing Weight

reduced risk of diabetes

lowering blood pressure

improved cholesterol levels

Less of a stroke risk

reduced risk of heart disease

reduced risk of certain cancers

increased mobility

lowering of joint pain

better blood sugar levels

less back pain

risk reduction or less severe symptoms of osteoarthritis

risk reduction or less severe symptoms of sleep apnea

Your doctor can provide more personal information about the health benefits that you can expect to see when you lose weight. For example, you may be able to decrease or even stop taking some of your medications or lower the chances of getting some diseases. Your doctor may also be able to give a recommendation or a referral to a physical therapist or a registered dietitian to help you build a program of healthy weight loss. For a Gym Dublin, visit a site like

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Lifestyle Benefits

In addition to the medical benefits of weight loss, you may also experience an improved lifestyle if you are slimmer. Many successful losers report improvements in these areas:

more active social life

greater confidence

sleep better

increased energy

improved sex life

decreased stress

improved body image

increased vitality

improved mood

social benefits

Health and lifestyle benefits of losing weight may be enough to motivate you to stick to a diet and exercise program.

How to Enjoy the Benefits of Weight Loss

If you decide that there is significant reason for you to lose weight, then there is no time like the present to start your weight loss journey. The first step you should set a reasonable goal. Then make small changes to your daily routine and eating habits. Request for weight loss help from your health care provider and from friends and family to make the process easier.

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