The gift of giving


So you have been invited to the wedding of the year and have received beautiful handmade wedding invitations. The next question on your lips, after ‘What do I wear?’ Is going to be ‘What do I buy?’

With most couples having lived with each other for some time now before tying the knot, gone are the days when a toaster would do. Rather usefully, many couples will supply a present list and usually a store where these can be purchased or they may simply request money, if they are saving for a house or a honeymoon.  These gifts can seem a little dull however so let’s get a bit imaginative and think of fantastic, unique and truly memorable gifts that will be cherished a lot longer than a cheque.

The gift of giving

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Picture frames may seem like a bit of unoriginal idea but a newly wed couple will have so many wonderful photos from their big day that you really can’t go wrong with a beautiful frame that can take pride of place in their home.

If they are a couple that enjoy days or nights out, then think about a membership pass to heritage sites, the cinema or theme parks. This is a fantastic idea for the more adventurous and will give them much to look forward if they get post-honeymoon blues.

Along the same theme is a spa day for two. After all, weddings are stressful things and having this sumptuous treat just for themselves might be just the ticket.

A lovely is a personalised, bespoke photo album. Whether they already have one for their wedding photos, it doesn’t matter as this can be treasured for holiday snaps or used for when they have little ones. It is handmade and completely one-off and can become a real family heirloom. To see more, head to

After the big day, a couple have so many bits and bobs and small keepsakes that it can be difficult to know what to do with it all. The solution to this is a personalised keepsake box. This is a heartfelt and functional gift that can be treasured for generations.

The gift of giving2

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Personalised cushions and candles are another idea for keeping memories alive in the home. Other personalised ideas might include a custom made cheese board or wine box. For the nature loving couple, maybe a tree or plant with a personalised vase. For budding chefs, a high quality non stick pan set will be welcomed if their old set has seen better days.

The sentimental couple would love having the lyrics to their favourite song mounted in a frame or the animal lovers might appreciate a framed picture of their pet. If they are a couple that work hard and are always on the go, then maybe his and hers watches would be good idea or even a gift card to their favourite restaurant so they can catch up on some ‘date’ nights together. Some of these ideas might seem a little unusual because we are used to buying practical goods for weddings gifts, however, a unique gift from the heart will mean so much more and be remembered.

The gift of giving3

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