The Digital generation is so lucky


In the beginning of television in Britain, times were difficult. Colour was but a dream and the world was in monochrome. Not that the people who had televisions were that concerned. They were just in constant amazement that they could see what the weather was going to be the next day and what was happening in Paris before the Newspapers got hold of it. The rest of us still had to rely on those newspapers  or the appearance of the Pathe Newsreel in the Cinema before the feature film began.

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One thing that they had to put up with, up until the early 2000’s even,  was the rather uneven reception that they got to get those images into the televisions itself. The system was relayed through a series of substations to the aerials on the top of people’s roofs. However these waves were easily disturbed by the rather mystical “atmospherics” or just the passing of a taxi cab or police car. This broke the signal and the screen would turn into snow.

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Imagine a crucial scene in Game of Thrones or Line of Duty suddenly cutting out. There was no pause or rewind either. If you missed it, that was your tough luck. Unless a repeat came round in about 6 months time.

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