The airborne allergens affecting us all


When it comes to hiring the services of a Commercial Cleaning Company Cheltenham  way, you will find that they bring much more to the table than just providing you with a clean office. Having a tidy working environment has been proved to be conducive to increasing productivity and morale amongst employees. But, it also helps in the fight against airborne allergens. More and more people are finding themselves having anything from mild to severe allergic reactions to a number of airborne particles and many of these can be reduced and even eliminated if you use the services of a commercial cleaning company on a regular basis. Much as you would regularly clean your own home.

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Here are some of the most common allergens that are affecting people.

Pollen – this tends to affect suffers of hayfever and can occur anytime from March until September and will depend very much on the individual pollen that the individual is allergic to. These can include grass pollen, weed pollen and tree pollen. Pollen can be incredibly difficult to deal with as the tiny particles are carried around in the breeze as well as on our clothing. By regularly cleaning surfaces and hoovering carpeted areas you can remove the pollen before the levels but up to those will affect hayfever sufferers.

Mold Spores – mold tends to grow in warm, damp conditions and can cause some nasty problems with our respiratory system as well as producing a variety of allergic style reactions in those that are susceptible. Again mold can be treated fairly easily if caught early on. There are also ways in which you can prevent mold from form including using an extractor fans that are available in kitchen and bathroom areas.

Pet fur – in particular the fur of cats and dogs, NOw whilst you may think that this would not be an issue in the workplace, surprisingly it can be. If your night security team use dogs to patrol the building their fur will cause problems for those with sensitivities to animal fur. But, cat and dog fur can be carried in from home by those people who are pet owners. This is where regularly cleaning can help remove these before they build up top levels that will affect a sufferer.

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There are many other airborne allergens although these are the top three. The best way in which to combat these is to eliminate them as soon as possible rather than letting them become unmanageable. That way you can protect your employees from feeling unwell and protect your business from the loss of staff on sick days through allergies that you could have helped to prevent.

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