Symptoms That Suggest It’s Worth Getting Checked for an STI


Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs are transmitted by genital contact or unprotected sex between one person and another. They can be either bacterial or viral, and regardless of how many partners you have had or how many times you have had sexual intercourse, you are still at risk of catching an STI. So unless you refrain from having intimate contact, then you need to be aware of the symptoms and how you go about getting checked.

Symptoms That Suggest It’s Worth Getting Checked for an STI

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According to the Daily Star holidaying abroad is one of the sure fire ways of picking up an STI, as excessive cheap alcohol loosens our inhibitions. In fact, Europe is facing an epidemic.

So, what are the symptoms? Unfortunately, not all STIs exhibit symptoms, but if you have had unprotected sex then you should get yourself checked out. If you are embarrassed, then it could be worth considering ordering a home testing kit from, who offer a free service and have a wealth of information available online.

Some of the more common STI’s are:


One of the most common STIs and more prevalent in the under 25 age group. It is a bacterial infection and, if left untreated, it could affect your fertility. As it is bacterial it can be treated with antibiotics and getting checked out for it is a simply process of either giving a urine sample or taking a swab. London Chlamydia testing kits are available from if you live in or around the London area. Symptoms can take a few weeks to appear and can include – but not limited to – burning when urinating and an unusual discharge.


Another bacteria STI and after chlamydia one of the most common to affect the under 25s. Again, if left untreated can lead to infertility in both men and women. It’s not always easy to detect you have picked up the infection, but symptoms to look out for can include a green or yellow discharge, a tender tummy and pain or burning when going to the toilet. This can be diagnosed by taking a swab or urine sample.

Genital Warts

Another STI common amongst under 25s, with small bumps that appear around the genital region. This is a viral skin infection that can take months or even years to develop.

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