Steady as a rock


In the United States, rock climbing is growing in popularity. It can be a dangerous sport and has claimed the lives of many but the skill involved attracts many, drawn in by the challenge of head spinning heights and sheer rock faces. The adrenaline involved must be addictive because 10 million people all over the world are getting involved in this sport. It is quite an incredible thing to watch as some of the best climbers in the world show off jaw dropping skill and expertise in the art of rock climbing. Let’s take a look at some of the best rock climbers in the world:

Chris Sharma started rock climbing at the age of 12 and was already Bouldering National Champion by the age of 14. He had completed the highest rated climb in North America by the time he was 15. He has tackled some the toughest challenges and won many awards so is bar far the biggest name in the sport. He now lives in Spain and is busy eyeing up the mountain ranges there.

Catherine Destivelle is a French climber and mountaineer who was the first successful female climber to ascend the Eiger’s North face in under 15 hours! She started entering competitions in 1985 and has been the first woman to scale many of the world’s toughest climbs. She now gives inspirational and motivational talks for corporations. Maybe these climbers developed a love of climbing from having a climbing frame when they were kids. For a Wood climbing Frame, visit

Dean Potter is a well known free climber and base jumper. His speed and control was incredible and he had climbed Patagonia and Yosemite. He was known for attempting very hard ascents, free solo climbs and his amazing speed. His base jumping was well known too and he has done some of the world’s most thrilling jumps. Sadly it was base jumping that killed him in 2015.

Steady as a rock

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Beth Rodden is the youngest woman to have completed a 5.14a grade climb (the toughest on the climbing scale of difficulty). She started climbing at a local climbing centre in 1995 and has appeared in many documentaries about rock climbing as a result of her great accomplishments.

Lynn Hill is a legend and held the record for 10 consecutive years in climbing the 3,500 ft vertical face of El Capitan without the use of any artificial hand or foot holds. She spearheaded the movement to encourage women to participate in the sport and during her reign in the 1980’s, has inspired many younger women to engage in rock climbing. In 2005 she set up climbing camps to encourage children to try it. She was the first person ever  free ‘The Nose’, a technical route which had been deemed impossible to cross.

Dave Graham can climb pretty much anything and has tempted fate on many occasions. He has climbed some of the hardest boulders in the world and loves extreme sporting challenges. He takes time out to write for Climbing Magazine’s website and is considered one of the best boulderers of his generation.

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