Six ways to bring your lawn back to life


A lawn is often the centrepiece of a garden, giving it colour and enhancing borders and surrounding planting. When a lawn looks less than its best, it can impact the appearance of the whole garden, leaving many people wondering how they can revive its good looks again. Even a lawn that appears brown and beyond hope can be brought back to life with a little TLC. Here are six ways to restore life to your lawn.

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1. Give it a drink

If rainfall has been scarce of late, your grass will soon suffer, turning a yellowy brown shade. You could be forgiven for thinking your lawn is dead, but it will soon spring back to life with a good watering. Give a thirsty lawn a helping hand to restore its verdant looks by watering it regularly during dry spells. For the most effective impact, water for around 20 minutes using a sprinkler first thing in the morning.

2. Feed it

Lawns won’t look their very best if they don’t get the right nutrients to display a healthy green appearance, and aside from regular watering, an occasional feed will keep your lawn in tip-top condition. According to the Daily Mail, feed in mid-April and again in summer, with a high-nitrogen feed.

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3. Mow it

Once your grass starts growing again after a bad spell, consider giving it a cut. If your grass is still more brown than green, wait until it has gained its full colour back before mowing. Be sure to set your mower blades at the right height – around 8/9cm should do the trick to begin with. If you need new mower blades or other parts, such as Mountfield spares, look for a reputable supplier, such as Cut your grass weekly during the summer.

4. Grass clipping mulch

Place grass clippings on your lawn to provide a nutritious mulch that also locks moisture in during dry spells.

5. Remove the weeds

An army of weeds will quickly descend on your lawn once it returns to good health, so remove them by hand or use a natural herbicide spot treatment to keep on top of them.

6. Rake it

A spring-tine rake is useful for removing dead grass from your lawn, and it also helps to aerate it, so that new, healthy growth can be encouraged.


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