Six Feng Shui wallet tips to attract wealth


Feng Shui, a traditional Chinese practice that believes that the universe, people and the earth are connected through forces and that the environment, and your surroundings can influence your life. Therefore, you can change aspects of your environment, and the universe will provide you with a similar energy. With this in mind, you can ask the universe for more wealth through your wallet choice. How? We hear you ask. Well, it is assumed that colour, shape, organisation and other aspects of your wallet can help you to attract wealth. Here are six fengshui tips to help you attract wealth.


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In Feng Shui, the colour of your wallet is important. If you’re looking to save money, brown is a good option for you. Choose a brown wallet such as the brown secrid wallet from EJ Menswear In Feng Shui, the brown secrid wallet would help you save money. Black wallets are good for prosperity.


Feng Shui is not just about colour. There are other things to look into when considering a wallet based on Feng Shui, and shape is one of these things to consider. Choose the best shape. A rectangular wallet is best, as the rectangle is the shape that corresponds to wealth.


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Keep an organised wallet, making sure everything is neat to help you to attract wealth.

Keep it new

Do not use a second-hand wallet. A new wallet allows you to pour your own energy into it. A second-hand wallet will still carry the energy and luck from its previous owner, meaning that you may have the perfect wallet for you, but it may be carrying bad luck and not attract wealth into your life.

Take care of it

Taking care of your wallet may be an obvious thing to do. It carries your valuables and money. But it’s important to take care of it by treating it well too. Don’t leave it on the floor or in the toilet, store your wallet in the wealth area, or the southeast corner of your home.


Keep your wallet clutter free to allow space for prosperity and wealth to thrive.

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