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We live in a golden age of technological advancement. There are so many tools out there to make every aspect of our jobs that little bit easier. The software for stock-control has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade, and as a business owner it’s important to know what’s available, so we’ve put together this beginner’s guide:

The software from Synergy is split into 2 separate categories. The first is ControlIT. This is a full online stock system which feeds you information from live data. It also allows for automated sales and synchronised procurement and purchasing, in order to really simplify your systems. In addition, all calculations are done within the system, which means that really, all YOU need to do is count your stock.

A great business IT solution…
A multitude of reports can be taken from this system including snapshots in time results. This is a great business IT solution and a fantastic procurement system. This software provides you with a whole host of data at your fingertips, enabling you to better analyse the business and the performance.

Efficient Stock Management…
Your stock management will also be much more efficient, as each unit of stock can be not only accounted for, but tracked, so that you can see how well it’s selling. This means that if one line isn’t selling as well as you need it to, or it’s not moving quickly enough, you can amend your orders.

The other category for stock control software is VisionIT. This is forecast reporting. VisionIT allows for much better recordings of sales and purchases, meaning that your client has a better level of control over internal management. With this software you can provide them with a snapshot of the business, in order to illustrate to them just what a good target margin will be.

By using forecast reporting, you will find it much easier to control certain aspects of the business, which means you’ll be free to place more focus on efficiency and profitability.

So, whether you’re looking to save time, increase productivity, or simply get up to date, stock control software is most assuredly the way forwards. Keeping all data organised and ready to go, allowing for more communication with clients and making your business figures accessible, stock control software acts as a real business booster. Take a look at the software from Synergy for stock control to find out more about available systems and their functions.

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