Should you choose a Loft Conversion?


Do you have enough space for a loft conversion? Ever given it any thought? If not, then you might be pleasantly surprised by the various benefits to converting your available loft space. Here are just a few great reasons for utilising that additional space:

  1. Add Value

It is commonly accepted that a loft conversion can add significant value to your property. They are a great way to invest in your home. Housing value can increase by up to 20%, resulting in an approximate £35,000 being added to the resale value of your property. A loft conversion doesn’t have to cost the earth but has the potential to add so much. You don’t even have to wait to sell your home to reap the benefits. A loft conversion can easily be used for renting out space to a lodger or foreign student, for example.  The only thing you might have to do if your planning on someone  living up there is checking the top of the house structure for holes.  This could include hiring a Gloucester Roofer to come and look at it for you to repair any damage or even replace it.

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  1. Improve, don’t move

Moving home can be an incredibly costly affair so choosing to remain in your existing property might be a more logical and economical solution. Choosing to stay in your current home means you won’t have to increase your commute to work, change schools for your children and put yourself through the stresses and strains of packing up all your worldly belongings.

  1. Increase Space

Of course, a loft conversion provides you with additional space but also the benefits of increased storage options under your stairs, meaning extra room in the other rooms of your home too. Lofts are essentially ‘dead’ space so by converting them into ‘usable’ space, you’re also not eating into your outside area as you would with an exterior extension.

  1. A Room with a View

The view from a loft conversion window is something we are not used to and gives a whole new unique perspective to our surroundings. You’ll be able to see much further and might be surprised by spectacular new views of your neighbourhood. Velux windows are a popular choice in loft conversions and they let in significantly more light than other windows in your home, creating a beautiful space bursting with natural light. The windows are far less likely to be blocked by other houses or trees thanks to the height and positioning of the windows.

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  1. Conversion versus Extension

Extensions cost more and add less value to your home than a loft conversion. A loft conversion makes great sense as most of the structure needed is already in place, which also makes them cheaper to install. With an extension, you might have issues with neighbouring properties and blocking light, but you won’t have this worry with a loft conversion. Outdoor building is highly dependant on the weather, often having to halt until conditions improve. With a conversion, work can usually continue whatever the weather. Most extensions require planning permission but with most conversions, this is not an issue.



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