Should they make the list?


Planning a wedding should be heaps of fun but there is one area that quite often becomes the cause of stress and even disagreement between you, your partner and the rest of your family. The Guest List. With the high cost of a wedding per person, you don’t want to be throwing money away on people who you think don’t deserve to be a part of your big day. But there is always the inevitable pressure form family, friends and sometimes even your spouse-to-be so here are some handy tips to help you make firm decisions about whether someone makes the list or not.

Remember that a wedding is not a time for school or college reunions or renewing old friendships. A wedding should be a celebration with your nearest and dearest – those people who have a solid impact on your daily lives. Therefore, you do not need to invite all those so called ‘friends’ on Facebook. If you haven’t seen them in years then your wedding is not the time for a big reunion. For Wedding Venues Essex, visit

Similarly, anyone who isn’t totally 100% in support of your nuptials should not make the list. There is no room for negativity on your special day. If they didn’t congratulate you on your engagement then to heck with the tradition and hurt feelings. Make a stand and save your cash.

Definitely don’t invite any former girl or boyfriends or anyone who has a sexual history with you or your spouse. Unless you’re all aware and totally OK with the situation and your former flame is now married to your maid of honour for example. Otherwise, it’s best to not go there.

Should they make the list

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Not many colleagues should be on the list either, unless you’re actually very social with them and consider them close friends. If you do invite a few but not all then be very discreet about it as you’re likely to invite some bitchy comments and coffee break gossip. The last thing you need is for your big day to become the subject of unkind office gossip so avoid colleagues if possible. If you can’t stop talking about your wedding plans then bear in mind that you might end up inviting the whole office!

We all know someone who likes to get incredibly drunk and make a complete fool of themselves. For a night out on the town, this might be acceptable but this is your sophisticated and classy reception. If you don’t want this particular person using up the free bar and being grossly inappropriate in front of your family, then you’ll have to make the cut on this one.

Try not to let anyone on your list bring what is known as a ‘revenge plus one’. This is when a couple have split and one or both decide to bring a plus one to annoy the other. For example, if your parents have divorced and it was not particularly amicable, your Dad bringing his new squeeze is only going to upset your Mum and vice versa. Nobody wants this kind of bad feeling at a joyous occasion like a wedding.

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