Safety comes first with your warehouse racking


Pallet racks can bring new and exciting dimensions to your storage options, but they need to be installed correctly. Whether in a garage, a warehouse or even a residential house, there are a number of factors to bear in mind. You don’t want to neglect maintenance either.

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Read the Instructions

Your pallet racking system will probably come with a manual of some kind, so take some time to examine this carefully. It will contain important information about how best to load the racks and how much weight they can bear.

Check your new racking visually, looking at braces to see that they are sitting correctly and that there are no signs of buckling. Check racks with a bubble level to make sure that they are even. You don’t want precious goods sliding off a rack that is not level. Look for any areas of the racking that are discoloured or rusty, as this could indicate some kind of weakness in the structure. Make sure the uprights are in good condition, and this is something you will probably want to keep checking for as part of a wear and tear maintenance programme.

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Avoid Damage

Depending on where they are installed, pallet racking can be damaged by a range of elements, from small earthquakes to clumsily used forklifts. Overloading can damage racking and in extreme cases can even collapse. One forklift driver was nearly crushed to death by heavy cheeses falling from racking. For more on that, see this report from The Guardian. Accidents can be costly and disruptive, so preventative action is always better. Regular inspections should highlight issues.

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