Renewables: the energy of innovation


Climate change is a growing concern around the globe due to rising temperatures and sea levels and ultimately the threat this poses to our future world. With more coal, gas and oil now being used and released into the atmosphere than ever before, alternative ways are being sought to produce energy and help to reverse the damage to our planet.


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Innovative thinking

US scientists have created an electric car that uses carbon negative batteries – a breakthrough for renewable energy. They found how to convert carbon dioxide into carbon nanotubes, which can be used in batteries. This means that driving your car no longer has to harm the environment; in fact, it can help use up harmful carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and combat climate change.

Two researchers from Virginia Tech discovered how to generate electric currents from septic waste treatment. After studying electrochemical bacteria, they found that using microbial fuel cells could make wastewater treatment facilities more energy efficient. While this is still at the development stage, it could be a new way to power the sewage treatment industry and create a self-sustainable way to power facilities in the future.

Innovative inventions seem to be happening all around the world with the quest for a cleaner environment. A breakthrough by researchers in Israel means that one-day solar energy may be converted into electrical power through organic photovoltaic cells. Researchers were able to generate electricity from sunlight just like silicon; however, unlike silicon, they can be mounted to lightweight sheets that can be attached to roofs and buildings, creating a cost-efficient and clean electricity source.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources can generate an infinite supply of electricity and may be a step towards a greener planet. Solar is believed to be one of the largest sources of energy available and we can capture the sunlight and convert it into electricity by using solar panels. Solar technology is a fast-growing technique that is being used to supply electricity to homes across the world. Solar panels are an easy and environmentally-friendly way to generate energy and can be found all over the United Kingdom; for example, solar panels in Belfast can be supplied by companies such as

New renewable energy innovation can help us to improve the environment and build a sustainable future.

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