Reminiscing on a bygone era


Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday stresses and strains?  Then imagine a bygone era where the pace of life was slow and easy, quiet and peaceful, tranquil even?

Think back a decade or two ago (if you were around then) and try to remember . . .

Skies were bluer, the sun seemed warmer and nobody had heard of global warming or the ozone layer. The meadows and fields were full of buttercups and bluebells not newly built houses.

Reminiscing on a bygone era

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The green pastures rolled into the distant hills and the trees swayed in the light refreshing breeze. The cool clean water of the babbling brook where children paddled safely and played, searching with their nets amongst the pebbles and small glistening rocks.

Parents sat on a chequered blanket with a handkerchief on their heads talking to each other rather than communicating on modern day mobile phones.

Flasks of tea and homemade sandwiches and cakes packed in a picnic hamper, not a meal deal from the local supermarket, ready for tea when play was done.

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Dogs scampered excitedly in and out of the water splashing everyone while chasing bits of broken sticks.

In the distance where the mouth of the river opens wide like friendly arms welcoming you in to its embrace, sitting quietly under the shade of their umbrellas fisherman cast their lines and patently wait anticipating the bite of the fleeting fish, not a bite alarm or fishing pole in sight.

Alongside the river bank the gravel path twists and turns leading away from the water towards the sun dappled hill. In the shade of the trees at the base of the hill you would hear the quiet buzz of the bumble bees fliting from flower to flower collecting their pollen for the hive. (Nobody ever thought bees would in decline from the threats of pesticides and chemicals.)

So can you imagine this peaceful beautiful environment, the Shepherds huts housed perfectly in its own idyllic space. The smell of freshly cooked food wafts out over the field without a microwave in site. The crackle of the fire warming as the day light draws to a close.

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The mooing of the cows as the farmer calls them in from the field towards the farm, they amble slowly, feet clopping across the cobbled stones into the safety of the barn. When the milking is complete and the milk still warm goes to be bottled and delivered by the milkman on his float not the mass produced machine operated business of today.

Don’t just imagine it you can still experience it for real.  With numerous nature reserves still in sync with the beauty of the past, places like the forest of Dean can offer you the chance to not just remember but relive it.

Written by suNCh8

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