Keep your boiler serviced and avoid the dreded replacement


Keeping on top of home maintenance is important but how many of us do this actively? If you’re busy working then it’s easy to put things off as our weekends are precious but if you’ve noticed small problems around your property then putting off dealing with them could result in a hefty repair bill. Here are some of the most common issues affecting homes in the UK and some of them can prove costly indeed if ignored for too long.

  1. Boiler Problems

This always seems to occur when you need hot water and heating the most, like in the middle of winter! Regular boiler maintenance and having a professional check your water tank at least once a year is a good idea to avoid the stress and cost of being without hot water and having to call out an engineer in an emergency. Replacing an old boiler right before Christmas is not a place you want to go. For Boiler Installation Gloucester, visit

Regular Maintenance Avoids Expensive Shock Repairs2

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  1. Mould and Damp

If left untreated, damp can cause a whole heap of problems and negatively affect your health. People with a low immune system or asthma can become very poorly if they are living in damp conditions. Materials in your home that can be susceptible to mould include drywall, plywood, carpets and underlay. Mould can also become present inside walls and if flooding is happening due to a leak. A large mould growth will require professional treatment which could prove expensive so prevention is definitely better than cure. Fix any leaks, fully ventilate damp areas and remove any sources of moisture.

  1. Roofing

Make sure you give your roof a regular inspection, at least twice a year to check for problems like missing tiles or damage from the elements. Roofing repairs can be expensive so preventative maintenance is the preferred option. Look for any tears, missing tiles, flashing issues or any signs of leaks particularly around the chimney, any skylights and exhaust vents. This is also a good time for unclogging any blockages that might have built-up in your guttering as this could be preventing water from draining away as it should.

Regular Maintenance Avoids Expensive Shock Repairs

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  1. Foundation Damage

This is a very big problem and could be enough to break the bank. Any sign of a problem should be nipped in the bud as soon as possible. If you have a basement then inspect this regularly. Also keep an eye on any signs of water penetration like cracks in walls, dropping door frames or uneven flooring.

  1. Replacing Decking

If you have wooden decking in your garden then it certainly adds value to the property but only if it’s kept in good condition. Rot is not something you want to have pay to rectify and neither is seeing the whole lot cave in! Maintaining a deck need not be hard work if you keep a regular cleaning routine which includes cleaning in the spring with bleach and water, then adding wood staining and or sealant. Sealant is essential to prevent rot caused by moisture.

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