Reasons to hire a mobile bar


If you’re planning a get-together, barbecue or party for any occasion, here are some benefits to letting someone else take care of the drinks:

Knowing how much to buy can be a bit of a minefield. As long as you let the mobile bar company know how many people are expected and what the general drink preference is, you don’t have to give it a second thought. There’ll be no worries about running out of anything.

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  1. Portable
    The best thing about a mobile bar is that it can be set up virtually anywhere. If the weather is gorgeous, they can set-up outdoors but if it looks dodgy, it can be moved indoors. There is great flexibility meaning you needn’t worry about the unpredictability of the British weather!
  2. Cash option
    If you’re concerned that your budget won’t stretch to cover the drinking habits of your guests, you can hire a company that offers additional purchases with cash payments once the limit has been reached. This avoids any worry on your part about going over budget.
  3. Staffed
    When hiring a professional Gloucestershire mobile bar hire company you don’t have to worry about serving drinks yourself as the bar will be fully staffed with friendly, professional servers. They are knowledgeable, can mix drinks of a wide variety and will make all drinks, even the simplest, look and taste amazing.
  4. Advice
    A specialist mobile bar company can also offer you useful advice about what drinks to serve at your event. If you need information about cocktails and what drinks are most likely to be a hit, then a mobile bar hire service can provide with whatever help you need. You will receive a drinks package uniquely tailored to your event and requirements and you can attend both cocktail and wine tasting before the celebration day.

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  1. Theme
    A professional company will also work with you on theme consistency for your event. The theme can be incorporated into the bar set-up and the drinks menu, whether it’s a tropical fiesta or a Hollywood movie night for example.
  2. Stress-free
    If you think about what’s involved in sourcing the best priced drinks, working out the quantities required, loading up the car and storage – you’ll likely feel a little stressed. It’s time and energy consuming. Why not let someone do all of this for you? That way you can relax and enjoy the party as much as everyone else.
  3. Included extras
    It’s not just drinks you’d have to worry about – what about ice, straws, umbrellas, garnish, lemon? Phew. If you hire a mobile bar company, they will include all those extras and bring it all with them on the day. You can have peace of mind that it’s all in hand.
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