Protecting your name is key online


We all know that having a good reputation makes good business sense. The more people respect a brand, the greater their sales. It’s all boils down to trust, value for money and customer service. If you have a good reputation in these areas then you’re set for success. However, with the explosion in online social media – it only takes one bad comment to spread and suddenly you see your reputation being damaged. What can be done?

Reputation Management – This can be achieved online through the use of social media monitoring and search options. There are tools that can be used effectively to gauge current opinions affecting individuals or businesses. The results of the analytics can then be used to formulate a plan of action to rectify the effect of anything negative that has been discovered. For Reputation Management Gloucester, visit

Protecting your name is key online

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Control what you share – Of course, it’s not possible or right that an individual or business completely controls what appears online. The conversations and reviews that appear online cannot be controlled. More than half of social media users write reviews of products and services they have used. The only true way to guarantee a positive reputation is by being the best that you can be and by limiting what you share.

Any images, comments, videos or updates should have content that you are comfortable with sharing and will remain comfortable with for the future. In this way, you can at least have a strong influence on your own reputation and provide honest information in an engaging way.

Public Relations – Once a strategy has been formed, a campaign of building a more positive online reputation can be put into effect. The aim of any campaign is to increase positive search results and minimise the visibility of negative search results.

One way to achieve this is to create pieces of writing or ‘content’ about your business or area of industry that aim to overcome any existing negative content. A good number of such articles can be posted online, which will decrease the visibility of negative information in the search results.

Protecting your name is key online2

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Why we need Reputation Management – The internet has opened up our world so dramatically and is a wonderful tool but it also brings about the possibility of some not so wonderful things as well. Whatever it is that you wish could buried – maybe a disgruntled customer who left a barrage of unpleasant accusations or an event from the past that is no longer relevant to your current life – such comments can be very damaging to your future.

It might be that there is no problem but search results for yourself or business are met with tumbleweeds blowing across a desert! Reputation Management is also about making the internet work for you if your digital profile is not achieving all that it could. The focus, then, is on creating a positive, honest profile and branding your business in the best way you can.

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