Protecting our Feathered Friends all Year Round – How to help Garden Birds in the Winter


For British birds, winter is the most difficult season of all with food being scarce and constantly changing habitats. The winter months are a great time to help the feathered folk of Britain and to get ahead with all of your garden plans so that you and the birds can enjoy the garden in the summer – building a pond, adding decoration to your garden like Corten metal sculptures such as these and pruning fruit trees and rose bushes are all excellent garden activities during the winter months that can help you to get the best out of your summer garden. Here are the best ways to help the bird that visit your garden…

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Feeding the birds is the best way to attract them to the garden and to encourage them to return. If you want a good variety of birds, you will need to supply a good variety of food on a regular basis as different species have different food preferences. You can get a good range of wild bird seeds in shops and also make fat balls for birds to hang from bird tables. It is a good idea to supply a bird table with seed on the top and a selection of different bird feeders, so the different species of birds have access to different foods.

Make sure that bird tables and feeders are in a good position for the birds. Make sure that they are close enough to bushes and trees that if the birds need to escape predators such as the local cats they have a good chance, but not too out in the open that they feel exposed. It is also important to keep bird tables feeders and bird baths clean to prevent the transmission of diseases from bird to bird.

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Don’t just think about food – Bathing is important for birds to be able to keep their feathers in a good condition, and even though us humans probably wouldn’t fancy a cold bath, birds love it, so provide a bird bath, or even better a pond.  Encourage birds to raise a family in the garden with the addition of nest boxes. Place these in secluded locations, high up in trees and with a good amount of shelter so that birds feel secure raising their young there without the problem of predators.

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