Pros and cons of live in carers


Whether you are considering a live in carer for yourself or a family member, there are lots of things to take into consideration.

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Accepting you, or a loved one, can no longer live independently requires a calm and considered approach when planning for the future.

Staying in the home

One of the main reasons people opt for live in care is that it means they can stay in their own home and be in familiar surroundings.

24/7 care

By having a live in carer, there will always be someone on hand. Someone who requires 24/7 care will require a team of carers who work shifts.

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Family and friends

No one likes to feel a burden to their friends and family and relationships can often be put under strain if there is a requirement to become a carer. By having a dedicated carer, visitors can enjoy quality time together, instead of feeling duty bound. This is especially true for couples, when one requires care and the other doesn’t.


Many people have a beloved pet who they don’t wish to be parted from. By having a carer, the pet can possibly stay with them and be looked after as well.

The right match

Making sure a carer is suitable is essential. Finding the right person will depend on individual needs, whether specific medical training is required and getting the right personality match. Live in care for dementia carers, from companies such as, can provide carers who are specially trained in this type of care, to provide support with household chores, social activities and personal care.


It is well reported that exercise can help prevent dementia. A live in carer can encourage and accompany those able and wishing to exercise.


The benefits of a care home are that there will be other residents in similar situations which can offer company and relieve the financial and practical pressures that come with owning your own home. Also a live in carer will require their own bedroom and will also require time off for holidays or sickness.


There are many options available to those requiring care and some care can be state funded depending on individual circumstances. Always seek advice and help with the financial side of caring.

Whatever your decision, talk it through with your family first.

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