Property Investment Opportunities in A Greener Caribbean


The Caribbean is rightly held up as one of the road’s most desirable holiday destinations. However, in spite of a booming tourism industry for this collection of island nations there is a huge challenge to face. The majority of populated islands in the area currently run generators, using imported fossil fuels, to produce a large percentage of the energy they need. Isolation from the mainland leaves Caribbean nations out of the range of large scale energy production plans, which takes a toll both on the local economies and environmental impacts of the islands.
Property Investment Opportunities in A Greener Caribbean

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The Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF) meeting has met every year since 2009 to combat the Caribbean’s reliance on fossil fuels. It is estimated that wind and solar energy could be used to generate between 50-80% of energy in the area through a coming together of business leaders and local politicians.

CREF has put together an overall league table for the Caribbean islands based on their current level of renewable schemes and those planned for the future. With the future for the Caribbean looking greener than ever we take a look at some fantastic opportunities in locations in and around CREF’s top 10-rated island nations:

Morritt’s Tortuga Club, Cayman Islands (11th in CREF’s league table)

Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands that make up the Cayman Islands, hosts the vast majority of the territory’s landmarks, attractions and hotels including the Tortuga Club. Located on the eastern side of the island the resort is situated in a quiet area of complete relaxation and solitude. Opportunities for snorkelling are first class with Ocean Frontiers Dive Shop on hand for beginners and experienced divers. Hiring a car leaves you only 45 minutes from the action of the capital city George Town in the west, giving you the best of both worlds.

Southwinds Beach Resort, Barbados (10th)

The Caribbean’s most easterly island is a haven for all things natural. Southwinds Beach Resort is located on the south coast in the midst of a white sandy beach and tropical gardens. North of the complex lies Flower Forest, a nature reserve housing over 60 acres of botanical gardens and wild plants. With so much natural wonder and its status as a great enabling area for renewable energy programmes Barbados is a great fit for those looking to invest in their homes and their local environment. Robert Stones at Target Markets is one of those agents who could help.
Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club, Aruba (4th)

The Surf Club resort is located on the north-western coast of Aruba. Nearby are a rich variety of attractions including swimming pools, lively bars and opportunities to partake in water sports. On the northern tip of the island lies Aruba’s famous lighthouse, named California after a US ship which wrecked in the area in 1891. With a new 3.5 megawatt (MW) solar power station under construction and new wind power and waste management facilities planned for 2016 visitors in the coming months are in prime position to welcome the the newly-renewable Aruba.

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