Preventing vandalism at commercial premises: top tips


Whether it’s a broken window, graffiti on a wall, or other malicious damage, vandalism is not only unsightly, it can provide a significant and unwanted cost for businesses and public sector organisations.

Preventing vandalism at commercial premises

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For example, on the railways alone, vandalism is estimated to cost millions of pounds, and contribute to delayed services. No property is immune to attack from vandals, but there are some steps you can take to reduce your chances of falling victim.

Deterring vandals

In many cases, vandalism occurs because the culprits believe that they will get away with it. Making your property a less attractive target means looking at it with a vandal’s eye. If there are dark corners or places where people can hide, you could consider installing better lighting or surveillance cameras to make them visible.

You should keep your landscaping under control too. Unkempt bushes or long grass give the impression that a building or site is uncared for and may make it more of a target for attack. On industrial sites, simple measures like closing gates or having a visible security presence can be a major deterrent.

Controlling access to the site via ID cards or keypad entry systems can keep out intruders and lessen the opportunities for damage to occur. Since attacks often occur after dark, regular patrols or effective security lighting can offer a strong deterrent.

Fast fixes

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer vandalism or malicious damage, it’s important to get it fixed quickly. A property that looks shabby due to graffiti, broken window panes or damaged fences is likely to be subject to further attacks. You should get broken windows fixed quickly. Companies like, providing emergency glass in Leicester, can do this quickly and without the need for boarding up, which in itself can prove an attractive target.

It’s crucial to remove graffiti quickly too, since often the motivation for graffiti artists and other vandals is to have their handiwork on show. By removing it quickly you take away the incentive to repeat the exercise. You also need to clear up any litter or debris on a regular basis.

Simply paying attention to regular maintenance can ensure your property remains safe and secure. A building or site that looks neat, tidy and well cared for is much less likely to suffer from vandal attacks.

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