Preparing for guests this Christmas


If you have guests coming to stay for Christmas, it makes the season a lot more fun, sociable and busy. While you look forward to the festivities, you might not be looking forward to all the organisation involved. Here are some top tips for you to get everything ready without stressing out:

The day before

If you know you have guests in advance, spend some time the day before to clear out the spare room. If, like many other homes, your spare room doubles as a laundry drying/ironing/office space then you’ll need some time to clear the stuff off the bed etc and make some room for your guests’ belongings. Check the radiator is working and air out the room.

Consider the spare wardrobe

Your spare wardrobe space is most likely full of clothes nobody wears, old wedding outfits and boxes of random stuff. Now is the time to clear some space and free up some hangers so your guests have somewhere to hang their clothes.

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Practical supplies

Consider the useful and practical things that can often be overlooked in a guest room. Give them a clock so feel comfortable that they are not making noise too early or sleeping in too late etc.

If you have those little hotel miniatures that everyone takes home but never uses, it can be a nice touch to put these into the guest room. Place some towels out ready for them on the bed, so they don’t have to ask or go hunting for them.

Assess the bed situation in good time

If you have enough advance notice, assess the condition of day beds, sofa beds, air beds or spare beds etc. How long has it been since the last use? Make sure the springs haven’t broken, the mattress is comfortable, and that clean bedding is fitted. For Bed Sale Gloucester, visit

Give them a clean surface

It’s often hard to find a clean and clear surface, especially at Christmas when there is so much ‘stuff’ strewn everywhere. However, finding at least one surface that’s clutter-free will make a big difference to your guests, who can have a place for their things without feeling like it’s an intrusion. It’s also a good excuse for a bit of an early spring clean.

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Light the way

If there is only a main ceiling light in the spare room, consider bringing in a desk or table lamp that can be switched on and off from the bed. Not only will that be a cosy light for any reading your guests might want to do but will also save them clambering around in the dark of an unfamiliar space looking for the light switch.


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