Popular Roofing Styles for New Build Properties


Roofing is always an interesting issue for homeowners and home builders. The roof is one of the most important aspects of any home and, like all things, certain styles come in and out of fashion over the years. Read on to discover the most popular roofing styles for new build properties right now.

Popular Roofing Styles for New Build Properties2 

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The Gambrel Roof

Inspired by the Dutch, a gambrel roof has one side steeper than the other side. The gable ends are vertical and hang over the ends of the house. This type of roof is commonly found in barn conversions.

The Mansard Roof

French in style, the mansard roof has four slopes with two slopes set out on each side of the house. The upper slope is less steep than the lower slope and more horizontal in shape. The mansard roof is ideal for people who wish to create more space at the top of their house for storage or living areas.

The Flat Roof

A flat roof is a popular style of roof because it is simple. This old style of roof makes constructing the property much easier and means you do not need to have parallel walls. A flat roof will have a pitch of a few inches but there is no slope to let off rain water. This is why this type of roof is best saved for areas with little rain. Whether you are looking for flat roofing in Evesham or elsewhere, expert fitters such as http://www.lwroofing.co.uk/ would be able to provide a perfect quote and fitting service.

Popular Roofing Styles for New Build Properties

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The Sloping Roof

Modern in style, the sloping roof has a roof area that is tilted. The tilt can be mild or heavily pronounced. Any type of slope does not allow water or debris to collect at the top of the house and this is a common choice for domestic houses.

The Hip Roof

With four elevated slopes, the hip roof features a flattened top and the four corners of the sloped square meet at the top via this flat area. A roof that might spring to mind here is the thatched roof which some people also think is experiencing a revival of interest (AUTHORITY URL:).

The Skillion Roof

This is a flat roof that has been inclined. Often used for just one part of the house, the skillion roof is ideal for multi-level structures.

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