Popular Drinks need the correct glassware but why?


When we drink at a bar like at a Cheltenham Nightclubs location found at links such as https://latenightcoco.co.uk/ we know a particular glass will be used depending on the type of drink we order. Have you ever wondered why, or why the same glass is used the world over? Here are some facts hiding inside a bar’s most recognisable glasses.

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First, some research. Willing participants at the University of Bristol participated in some comparative drinking, all in the name of science. They discovered an unlikely fact: the shape of your glass really does affect how you drink.

Cocktail Glass

Did you know the wide mouth of your cocktail glass is for you to enjoy its inviting aroma as you taste? There are various sizes but all share their traditional shape: an upside pyramid.

Flute Glass

A favourite feature of sparkling wine are lovely bubbles. The shape of the flute has as small a surface area as possible to stop you being stranded with a flat drink.

White Wine Glass

Those fine, delicate white wine flavours need a smaller mouth than the red wine glass to protect those lovely light notes from receiving too much air too quickly.

Red Wine Glass

Your red wine glass needs a lovely rounded bowl for ease of gentle whirling which helps oxygenate the wine. Incidentally, the stem of your wine glass is for you to hold – it keeps the wine from becoming too warm in your hands.

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Highball Glass

Your favoured drink for this tall glass is a soft drink mixed with a splash of alcohol, or taller cocktails such as Mojito and Bloody Mary. Your highball glass is also the shorter, wider cousin of the Collins Glass.

Lowball Glass

This squat easy to hold tumbler will carry 6-8 ounces of liquid refreshment, using its firm base to adequately hold ‘muddled’ ingredients such as herbs and fruit. A lowball glass is also used to cradle a pour of liquor such as whiskey.

None of the cleverness behind the shape of these glasses matters, however, if your glass smells like an old beer coaster. That’s why a quality drinking establishment invests in commercial glass washers..

The science of why we drink from particular glasses the way we do is fascinating. There is so much more behind a single sip than simply the taste.

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