Peterborough – the place to be


Peterborough is quickly becoming one of the UK’s best cities to live in and with an influx of new digital based businesses with Peterborough also coming second place in the list of cities of new jobs created, there is a great deal of opportunity in the area. For Web design Peterborough, visit

The city is expected to be one of England’s fastest growing cities by 2025. Investors are currently backing a £130m regeneration of the city, so now looks like a good time for thinking about setting up your business here. There is a great lifestyle here too with cheaper house prices, a larger disposable income and a short commute to work, which makes this an attractive destination for working and living.

Peterborough - the place to be

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Peterborough has been named as one of the most affordable commuter cities and also highlighted as one of the top 10 places to raise a family. The job market is buoyant too and there has been a 373% increase in the total number of jobs available in the area. With its close proximity to London, there are huge benefits to leaving the stresses of the capital and relocating to the quieter suburbs of Peterborough. You can enjoy cheaper property prices, a greater disposable income and a better quality of life by making the move. Peterborough has also been listed second place in a list of job creation cities over the last century.

Peterborough - the place to be2

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With more people now interested in getting a better balance between work and life. Peterborough can offer a good place to raise a family with its wide, green open spaces, good schools and child-friendly facilities. The city was recently ranked 9th out of 10 of the best places in the UK to raise a family. For further education, the city boasts a new University centre with a large range of subjects on offer including specialist arts and sciences. With a restaurant quarter, investment in nightlife and high speed transport links in the planning – you can be sure you’re at the heart of a buzzing and growing city. There is also a new super hospital which proves that there is belief in the future of Peterborough that is inspiring continued investment.

In Peterborough, you’ll find various theatres, bowling, farms, a country park, Peterborough Football Club, the Cathedral, Nene Valley Railway, a museum, a water sports centre and karting. Therefore, there are activities galore to entertain every interest and plenty to explore when you’re not at work.

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