Pasta Machine Atlas W/ Motor


Product Description

Pasta Machine Atlas W/ Motor enables best pasta makers to produce organic pasta in the comfort of their kitchen. Having a motor installed on your pasta machine will free both your hands, which you can use to feed the dough and catch the pasta as it goes through rollers and cutters.

With this model, you won’t need a helper to make quality homemade pasta. This Atlas model has been widely accepted all over the world by housewives who are fond of preparing pasta since it allows them to dish out exquisite and healthy Italian food to their family, with quality that is at par with top Italian cuisines.

The add-ons that come with the popular model can also be used with the motor-operated version of Atlas. You also have a choice of singly purchasing a motor in case you have bought an Atlas pasta machine earlier.

Technical Details

  • No need for brackets or support to the table
  • 100 W Motor
  • 3-year Warranty
  • UL Approved
  • Recipes and instructions included
  • Made in Italy
  • 2 main nickel-plated rollers for flattening your dough
  • Double-cutter attachment (for making 1.5mm tagliolini and 6mm fettuccine)
Pasta machine

Pasta machine

Atlas Pasta Machine Review

Basically, the Pasta Machine Atlas W/ motor is Marcato’s Atlas 150’s automatic version. The only difference is that it has a reasonably powerful motor of 100 watts which enables people to use both their hands to feed the pasta dough into the appliance, thus, being able to control pasta production.

Manual pasta machines require you to turn the rollers to produce pasta from it, but with this motor-operated version, people said they could easily maneuver the feeding and receiving of pasta from the machine. It could also produce longer pasta.

Another thing that Atlas customers loved about this past manufacturer – Atlas Marcato – is that their sets always came with a booklet packed with recipes and detailed instructions. Their products are generally known to be durable and can withstand regular use. They definitely make for great companions in your kitchen. More importantly its 3-year warranty made Marcato even more trustworthy when it came to providing customer satisfaction.

More and more Atlas pasta machine patrons are switching to this motor-operated version of the Atlas pasta maker, especially those who are in the habit of making a bunch of fresh pasta every day. As they pointed out they could not afford to waste time manually operating the tool. Finally, the other thing people liked about the Pasta Machine Atlas W/ motor is that it was extremely user-friendly in its operation.

Remember, nothing can beat the exquisite flavor of fresh homemade pasta. So why settle for the boxed variety when you can make your own fresh, organic and preservative-free pasta? With all the positive reviews it has received, you may want to buy Pasta Maker Atlas W/ Motor today. If customers are to be believed, it makes for one hell of an addition to the home.

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