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If you’ve ever watched The Office, then you may be able to identify with some of the characters. You may have been watching and comparing the actors to people you work with. At work, we cannot choose who we work with (most of the time) and often have to navigate the complicated world of cliques and office politics. So, what are the personalities that we are most likely to come across during our careers?

The Talker – these are people who will always accost you in the break room or on the way to the toilet and truly believe that when you say ‘How are you?’, you really want to know everything they did for the last week.

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The whinger – as above but with the addition of negative self-pity. Very hard to get away from without getting dragged down too. Make sure you have urgent work to do as an excuse to return to your desk to get on with it. Make sure they are not moaning about their chair! For Operator Chairs, visit a site like

The micromanager – this boss is very difficult to deal with as they are people who constantly monitor and control every task they give you.

The Bad One – always joking and violating the rules but everyone loves them. They seem to get away with murder and acted like they do not care in the world. By all means, laugh together but don’t get too associated.

The Gossip – fun to be with but be careful because if they are telling you about Sarah, then they will be telling Sarah all about you! Not a quality you want to be associated with. Be on good terms but never reveal anything that you are not going to shout from the rooftops.

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