Nearly a third of small businesses still don’t have a website


It seems incredible in this digital era, but a significant number of small businesses have failed to create a website to advertise their products and services. According to a recent survey, almost a third of small and micro businesses have little or no web presence at all.

Nearly a third of small businesses still don't have a website

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Why every business needs to have a website

The modern world is very different from how it was even ten years ago thanks to the huge rise in digital media. Just about everyone nowadays has a smartphone, and wherever you go, you will see people checking in on social media and searching for goods and services that they require.

Having a dedicated website to promote your business has numerous benefits. One of the main ones is the ability to increase marketing opportunities, moving away from a purely local market to a global one. It also allows the business owner or manager to analyse marketing and business opportunities, providing instant feedback on what works and what does not.

Why are businesses failing to create a website?

It seems to be the smaller businesses that are failing to keep up-to-date with modern technology. In many cases, business owners believe that a website is not relevant to their particular business model, but they are simply burying their heads in the sand. People today want to engage with the brands that they like, and they expect to be able to view products and services online. Failing to create a web presence renders your business invisible to a significant number of potential customers.

Nearly a third of small businesses still don't have a website2

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According to a report in The Telegraph, as many as one in five business owners cite cost as their principal reason for failing to embrace the internet as a marketing opportunity. However, it is now possible to create a bespoke website without spending a fortune. For example,, a Kent web development company, uses WordPress to make low-cost, functional sites that business owners can update themselves.

A survey showed that more than 55 per cent of small businesses saw an increase in profits within two years of launching a website, proving that an online presence has real monetary value. With sites costing so little to create, there is absolutely no reason for any business not to have a website these days.

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