Must-have toolbox items


Owning your first home is an incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking time. You can’t wait to move in but the weight of responsibility might be giving you sleepless nights. Don’t panic, as long as you have all the right tools to help you with every possible scenario that you can fix yourself, you’ll be a handyman or woman in no time. Here are some things you won’t want to be without:

  1. Drill and Bits

A large number of jobs around the home can be sorted with a battery-powered drill and driver set. A good selection of drill bits in a variety of shapes and sizes will prepare you for any repair jobs that might crop up in your first months of home ownership. A quality multi-purpose drill is a must-have tool that will stand you in good stead.

Must-have toolbox items

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  1. Hammers

A good rule of thumb is to have hammers, one heavy and one lightweight. Use a big hammer for a big nail and lightweight for smaller nails. Anything outdoors or a particularly large project, having a claw hammer is useful. A pin hammer can be used for fastening things like panel pins and tacks.

  1. Tape Measure

Don’t underestimate the number of times you’ll want to put your hand straight on one of these. A small tool but with a hundred uses, a retractable tape measure is essential for things like measuring for blinds, curtains, rugs, furniture and hanging pictures. Getting one that measures up to 25’ is advisable so you can use it outside and if you need to measure a room’s square footage.

Must-have toolbox items2

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  1. Step Ladder

A foldable step ladder that you can pull out easily whenever you need it is a life saver. Standing on a chair is an option but not a very safe one. You’ll need a step ladder for anything from decorating, clearing cobwebs, changing bulbs and hanging new curtains. Invest in a sturdy step ladder and it will be assisting you for years to come. For all your hardware needs, visit an online DIY store like

  1. Screwdrivers

As well as a battery-operated drill, a set of manual screwdrivers is really handy for the quick, small jobs around the house. Make sure you get a pack with a variety of screwdrivers like Phillips and slotted. You can also get one with interchangeable heads.

  1. Pliers

A set of pliers with a variety of adjustable sizes is the most useful addition to your toolbox. For multi-purpose tasks, locking pliers are best. Other types include channel-lock pliers for large valves and pipes or needle-nose pliers for small spaces and intricate work.

  1. Safety Gear

You’ll want to make sure that any job you undertake you’re properly prepared for. Some essential bits of kit include plastic gloves, safety goggles, dust masks and ear defenders for noisy work. Never undertake any task that you’re not confident or trained for. Tricky and often dangerous jobs that you shouldn’t attempt include plumbing and electrical wiring repair jobs.

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