Money savign tips for home insulation costs


Money doesn’t grow on trees, and while double glazing is a good way to reduce those abysmal energy bills, it is an expensive investment and most government help has dried up. Here are some tips to ensure it pays for itself.

Money saving tips when it comes to double glazing

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Go for nothing

That is the ideal thing to have between the two panes of glass. In practice, it’s often just dry air. Putting a little more aside for quality evacuated voids or argon could mean a better return on your investment over the long term.


Poor frame design allows heat to sidestep your glazing. Wood and PVC frames conduct less than aluminium. Another issue is the spacer material and seals that hold apart the panes. Often it’s metal that conducts. Insisting on plastic or fibre spacers could reap extra energy savings.

Money saving tips when it comes to double glazing2

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Free extras

These could be things you do not need, and they aren’t really free. If you can dispose of your old windows yourself and make good some plastering, why pay for it? On the other hand, you should be sure you know what is and is not included in your estimate.


If there are things you can take out of the quote, you have room to haggle. If the company uses a standard method of estimating, they should be able to break it down for you. If you haggle too big of a “discount”, expect corners to be cut. This is where using a reputable company matters. Look for reviews and accreditations from people like Which?. For double glazing in Gloucester, one option is Gloucester Double Glazing Company

Trade suppliers

Theoretically, you can find your own windows and just pay for fitting, but remember that the fitter and his company are both your expert adviser and your guarantee.


Companies are often busiest from spring to autumn when it’s least inconvenient to have the windows out. You’ll find that companies are happier to negotiate if you book in mid-winter.

Don’t change your mind!

Know what you want before, not after, whether it’s extra sound insulation, reflective coatings or conduits for phone cables and aerials.


Moving is a great way to get the cash you spent on home improvements back again. The money you saved on energy bills in the meantime is just cash in the bank!

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