Loving the look of your garden even in the Winter


Winter can be a time when you look out over your garden or perhaps your landscaped area at work and all you see is trees and hedges without their leaves and the ground covered in ice and snow. Now whilst that is a pretty view for some it can become a little too much especially if the area becomes overgrown and unsightly. If you are in this situation it would be worth looking at Grounds Maintenance Gloucestershire firm http://gloucestershiregroundsmaintenance.co.uk/services/grounds-maintenance to see if they can come and give you some help. In terms of brightening up the interest in your garden over the winter there are some key things that you can do.

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These are the most common types of plants to include in your garden if you want to have some greenery to enjoy all year round. However, you can find them in lots more natural colours than just green with yellow, blue and lots of other varieties available. You just have to look for them. For instance the Dwarf Blue Spruce has a blue tinge to its leaves and add extra intrigue to your garden design. Some garden designers suggest having at least one evergreen plant in ever bed that you design. This helps to ensure that you don’t have any completely bare spaces during the colder autumn and winter months.


Trees, hedges and other plants that produce berries are great not only at giving some colour to your garden but also providing food sources for birds and other small animals such as mice. Popular choices include crab apples and holly.  if you have pets that regularly spend time in your garden or young children it is worth checking whether the variety of plant you are thinking of buying has the potential to be harmful or poisonous.

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Beautiful bark

Even deciduous trees can be beautiful in the winter especially if you plant varieties such as dogwoods and birch trees that have beautiful coloured barks in the autumn and winter seasons. Silver birch trees have lovely grey, silver bark and dogwoods come in a variety of colours including red and oranges.


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to give your garden some colour you can find many winter flowering annual plants that you can locate in containers dotted around your garden. These can include dwarf evergreens that you surround with bedding plants that you change depending on the season.

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