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Park home living is becoming more and more popular, particularly for those people who have recently retired or wanting to downsize. They are normally associated with older residents, but they can also offer many benefits for families, couples and professional singles who might be looking for something a little different from the norm.

Conditions differ from living on a normal residential street and this would require some careful consideration. Here is some more information about the kind of lifestyle you could expect:

Residing on a park site is appealing for a broad range of reasons. For many people, it represents changing an urban lifestyle for a quieter, rural one. It is also attractive for those who wish to be part of a closer community of like-minded people. For Park Lodges Gloucestershire, visit Swallow Lakes.

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The homes are popular with older citizens as they are seen as easier to maintain and more affordable. Usually with only one level, stairs are no longer an issue for those with reduced or limited mobility. As they tend to be cheaper than a traditional brick property, they are also the ideal solution for those looking to downsize.

For those looking for a better sense of community, you’ll find this on a park home site as well. While there is as much privacy as you would desire, there is also the option to get involved in lots of activities, groups and social meetings. You can do as little or as much as you like. This is especially important for those who are recently retired or living alone.

Residents choose park sites for security reasons as well. They are normally owned by a private company or local authority and feature security gates and cameras for example.

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A park home is normally smaller than a brick house but are constructed form highly durable and weather-proof materials making them easy to maintain. The outer walls will need an exterior coat painting roughly two years after construction and then every 3 years after that. Other maintenance requirements include keeping the chassis in good condition and annual checks of things like the roof, skirting boards, windows and doors.

You might also find that some parks have certain regulations and rules as to who can live there, such as age restrictions for residents and rules on the keeping of pets. Every park site differs, so it’s also advisable to check all rules and possible restrictions when you look around a site.

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