Laying Foundations – The Most Important Part of your Building Project


If you are doing any kind of a building project, from building a new conservatory, to building your own home from scratch, one of the most crucial parts of the project is laying the foundations. Although you can’t see them, they are one of the most important parts of the building to get right.

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If you are a bit of a novice, it is really essential that you have the advice of people who know what they are doing contact groundwork companies Bristol to get the help you need. Remember to factor in the soil type, the surrounding area and drainage to name but a few things that need to be taken into consideration.

Generally, there are two types of foundations – shallow foundations and deep foundations. For smaller projects such as a conservatory or an orangery, shallow foundations are fine, and also often can be used when building a home extension. Deep foundations are used when building a tall building, for example an office block, or if the ground that is being built on is very weak.

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It is important to remember that although you can’t see the foundations, the finished building will be affected if they are not built properly. The ground needs to be correctly prepared for the foundations to go in place, before any building starts.

Once the preparations have been made, the concrete can then be poured in. This will then form the base of your new structure, but concrete can take a while to dry out, particularly in the winter, which is why many people choose to start building projects during the drier and warmer summer months.

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