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It is important to make sure that you are keeping you cat healthy and active as a lazy cat tends to turn into an overweight cat that can then go on to develop help issues such as diabetes. Activity also helps to keep away depression and boredom in cats and is one of the reasons why a Cattery Cheltenham like will interact with your cat during their stay and provide them will plenty of toys to entertain themselves with. One of the major problems with a bored cat is that they can start to become mischievous as well as intimidate and bully other cats in the household.

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Here are a number of ways that you can keep your cat active and mentally stimulated at the same time.

Cat Towers – these are designed with a cats natural instincts in mind and provide them with opportunities to scratch and maintain their claws as well as giving them options to elevate themselves away from the floor and other animals in the household and hide away when they want some privacy or are feeling a little vulnerable and scared. The need to jump and climb onto the different levels of the cat tower give your cat a good workout whilst also maintaining their interest. If possible you should place these near a window so you cat can enjoy watching people walking past and all the goings on in the street.

Toys – having a basket of toys on hand for your evening play time with your cat is a great idea. Especially if these form a mixture of balls for them to chase and as well as threads and wool to catch. If you leave your cats alone for long periods of time whilst you are at work you should think about strategically placing some toys around the house for them to find and oto keep them entertained until you return. Treat holders are a great way to do thi. They usually comprise of a ball with a small opening that you can place treats inside. When the cats knocks the ball around the floor some of the treats will be dispersed for your cat to enjoy.

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Exploring the outdoors – the outdoor environment s incredibly important for cats and is where you will find them enjoy jumping around in the grass as well as rolling over on the patio and climb some of the low level trees. If you have decided to keep you cat as an indoor pet you can still give them time outdoors that you can carefully regulate by using a harness.

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