Keep Calm this Christmas


Christmas is coming, love it or loathe it. If you’re responsible for organising the festivities in your home then there’s a lot to do and it’s easy to get stressed out over it all. What we are all seeking is a calm, happy and peaceful holiday season but is this even possible? Here are some handy hints for stripping back all the fuss and focusing on having a relaxed, fun time with your loved ones:

Your things ‘to do’ list

Try cutting this right back to the bare minimum. What are the consequences of not doing one particular action that you think you need to do? If it makes little difference then chop it off your list. There is enough to do at this time of year without adding unnecessary tasks that nobody will even notice. Do what you need to do but don’t over-commit.

Keep Calm this Christmas

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Gift lists

Everybody is feeling the economic squeeze so why not decide amongst your family to keep Christmas gifts solely for children. Adults don’t need to exchange costly and unnecessary gifts just for the sake of tradition. Christmas is mainly for children anyway so by focusing efforts and money on the little ones, the adults will experience great joy from the gift of giving. If the grown-ups still want a bit of fun then try a secret Santa idea with a cash limit so everyone still receives a present.

Out for lunch

Does the thought of spending hours in the kitchen slaving over a hot oven leave you cold? For those who cater on Christmas Day, the day involves a great deal of hard work and a lot of time spent away from the family in the kitchen. Think about booking a restaurant for that special Christmas Day lunch. No baking, no washing-up and the chance for everyone to take it easy.

Get Real

The smell of a real Christmas tree can do wonders for your festive state of mind and feelings of serenity. The aroma of fresh pine tree oil has even been linked to boosting the immune-system and helping tensed muscles. For Wellingborough Real Christmas Trees, visit

Keep Calm this Christmas2

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Online Cards

If you struggle to find the time to sit and write a ton of Christmas cards then think about sending online cards instead. Save yourself the hassle of buying stamps and standing in line at the Post Office. Online cards are cheap, easy and a perfectly acceptable means of sending your season’s greetings in this digital age.


Many thousands of people try to escape over the holiday season which often leads to travel chaos. Opt for a staycation this year, snuggling up in front of the fire, playing board games and watching movies. Choose popcorn instead of passports to save yourself a ton of money and the stress of peak season travel arrangements.

Wrap it Up

Nobody likes to spend Christmas Eve hidden away, wrapping a huge pile of presents. A bit of early organisation can go a long way so a great idea is to wrap as you buy. That way you can kick back and relax on Christmas Eve, knowing that all the hard work has been done.


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