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There is no 1980s childhood that wasn’t touched by the Dr Who series. Filled with its unique characters and plot lines and often villains so scary that many a child spent a vast amount of time watching an episode from behind a strategically placed cushion.

Cybermen, Daleks, Zygons and the Stone Angels are amongst some of the scariest characters portrayed.

The Dr however was academic, funny and had an air of grace about him and has often been very handsome.

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For me one of the most fascinating pieces in the whole series was the Tardis, (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space). Its ability to look like an ordinary telephone box but opened up to a vast world inside. If only my wardrobe was that clever. But alas I must forever struggle with fitting the vast amount of clothes I own on the one hanging rail (I know, I know get rid of some or pack away the non-seasonal clothes. I always mean too, I just never get around to it.) If you are looking for equally spacious furniture and are searching for Fitted Wardrobes Dorset it is worth taking a look at

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The only constant feature about the Tardis is the outside. For as long as the show has been running, and it is the longest running Science Fiction series in the world, the Tardis has been a 1960’s police box. That fine if all you’re planning to do is have adventures in 1960’s Britain (and the third Doctor was stuck there for quite some time) but being a wander of sorts the Doctor was never a one to stay still. Therefore, it tends to stick out a bit when you’ve landed on Skaro. The Tardis is supposed to change to its surroundings but, for reasons unknown, the Chameleon system doesn’t work anymore. This certainly saves a lot on the props and effects budget.

Inside the Tardis it’s a very different story. The interior of the control room has changed with almost every Doctor. The plain white very sparse room owned more to the fact the show was in monochrome but with the advent of colour the writers became more ambitious. Little details like hat stands started to appear. For Tom Bakers Doctor a whole new control room was created to suit his exaggerated and eccentric style.  He also revealed that he couldn’t remember if the control we were used to seeing be the secondary one. It also became clear that rooms could be added and deleted and that he kept his boots in a Ball room. It wasn’t until the reboot with Christopher Ecclestone that the interior went totally different. The Tardis control room was huge and whilst it retained a few original features it was a very different beast and way more rustic not clinical. It now seems to change after every regeneration, suggesting it is more closely related to the Doctor than we first thought. “They weren’t built, they were grown”, comments David Tennant’s Doctor.

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