Is white flooring a good Choice?


One of the most common reservations many people have over choosing a white or light-coloured floor is over whether marks or stains might show more readily. While it’s true that you may be sweeping or mopping more frequently to keep it looking pristine, if you like a light, airy feel to your rooms you’ll find it’s worth it.

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Versatile in Style

White or light-coloured flooring gives you a clean canvas to change the decor of your room whenever you want. White or neutral floors are a great counterbalance for walls painted in dark shades or soft furnishings in bold colours.

The material you use will define the character for your room – white tiles will give your kitchen a spacious look, for example, while painted wood will add a shabby-chic rural feel to your living space.

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Keeping Your Floor in Good Condition

If you have young children or pets or are thinking of decorating a bathroom, waterproof laminate flooring is a good choice. The technology behind the waterproofing has significantly advanced over the years, and as flooring trade magazine reports, manufacturers are always striving to improve the efficiency of their products.

In short, don’t let the worries about dirt and stains put you off choosing a light-coloured floor. Today’s flooring products are more robust and beautiful than ever, giving you complete confidence when you want to choose the flooring that’s right for your home.


Of course even with the best quality flooring, stain proofing and lamination there is still going to be dirt on the floor building up in high traffic flow areas in your workplace.  Your work staff will be wearing it down more and more and leaving tread marks on a daily basis and if your a busy company with tasks throughout the day you can’t always afford to loose a team member to clean it up.  You could get a Domestic cleaning Cheltenham company to come in and do it for on a weekly schedule at times to suit you.  You will find them at links including

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